14th Ave. Pier Myrtle Beach
Storks Huntington Beach State Park
Eddie at PF Chang
Baby Pelican
Alabama's Bowery Myrtle Beach
Monster Moving Theater
Boardwalk Downtown Myrtle Beach
Huntington Beach State Park
Peacan Peach upside down cake
Kenan's first sandcastle
Summer in Myrtle Beach - 2009
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More Pictures
1. Downtown Myrtle Beach 2. Kathy 3. HB State Park 4. Eddie at PF Chang 5. Pelican Myrtle Beach State Park
1.-3. 4th of July at Gail & Gary's home. 4. The Bowery 5. With Ron, my friend and co-adm on the Message Board
1. Shelly 2. New Boardwalk! 3. 14th Ave. Pier 4. Wood Storks in tree at Huntington Beach State Park 5. Downtown MB
More! I can't help myself! Mike, Amy, Kenan, Sydney and Jaxon.
Help! I'm posting Grandson and Granddog pictures, and I can't seem to stop! (Kenan just turned 1)
1. One more, and I'll stop! 2. Cabanas, north end of Myrtle Beach 3. Produce stand near our home 4. My car (done as part of a photo forum project 5. Lemonaid at the beach.Wonder why all the guys rave about this drink LOL!
1.-2. Garden City's Best Kept Secret 3, Another reason we love the beach 4. - 5. Myrtle State Park
Bike at Wacca Wache Marina
Original Benjamin's 4
Wacca Wache Marina
1.-2.Wacca Wache Marina, Murrells Inlet 3. The Original Benjamin's 4. Sisters - Ruth and Gail 5. Wildflowers at MB State Park
Cooper House
Cooper House
1. - 4. The Thomas B. Cooper House in Socastee was built for Mr. Cooper by Robert M. Prince, Jr. in 1908. The store was built in 1905 and closed in 1932. This Socostee area is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Both buildings can now be booked for special events. (843-455-9274) 5. Harbor Oaks Marina, Socastee
Cooper House store
Back of Cooper House
Harbor Oaks Marina
∫1. Giant Crab 2. Orb of Carousel at Broadway at the Beach in the rain 3. Benjamin's Restaurant 4. Duffy's at night
5. Sister-in-law Paula and Wally
At night
Angel Oak John's Island
Angel Oak John's Island
Angel Oak John's Island
1.Josslyn 2. Brothers (Wally and Tom ) with sister Sara in the middle. 3. Sister and brother, James and Josslyn.
4 and 5. Angel Oak John's Island (Me with my sister-in-law Paula.) Angel Oak information HERE.
Pink Lily
Crepe Myrtle
1. Angel Oak 2. Crepe Myrtle in our front yard 3. Water Lily Brookgreen 4. Egret Huntington Beach 5. Ginger Lilies Brookgreen
Fish Ropley's Aquarium
1. Grasshopper 2. RIP Bijot 3. Marsh Homes 4. Gift from daughter, made by son-in-law. 5. Ribit! Ribit!
Brookgreen Gardens - Heron
1. - 5. Ripley's Aquarium
Hot Fish Club, Murrells Inlet - Geranium in our yard - Greg's - Heron at Brookgreen
Message Board meet-up; Boat Gear; sunset from our front porch