Do you want to collect the best sea glass, shark teeth and seashells in the Grand Strand?

If you are serious about shelling and beachcombing, ...and if you are staying at one of the more popular (busy) resorts or hotels, you may want to seek out some other local beach areas where you can find the best shells and shark teeth.

I'm Patricia Blackstock. My husband and I have lived in Myrtle Beach since 1998. We love living here, and one of our favorite fun pastimes is collecting sea shells, shark teeth and sea glass. Below are some of my best bets for finding shells, shark teeth and sea glass. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions not addressed on this page. 843-215-7338.

Free and fun for your entire family! Leave the crowded areas of Myrtle Beach. We often find seaglass, shart teeth and local shells at Garden City Beach, the S.C. State Park, Surfside Beach and especially the less-crowded beaches of Pawleys Island and North Myrtke Beach.

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shark teeth Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach sea shells
sea shells Myrtle Beach
Shells you will find at the beaches near Myrtle Beach
conch shell
shark teeth
Myrtle Beach sea shells
seashells Myrtle Beach
Looking for Sea shells, shark teeth and sea glass in the Myrtle Beach area? If you love shelling and beachcombing, here's help for you to find the best shells!

by Patricia Blackstock (Contact me!)

Wally May, 2014 collecting shells
Wally May, 2014 sifting sand forshark teeth
Looking for shells - Pawleys Island -low tide - summer of 2013
our table with sea shalls we have found over the years
seaglass hunting Myrtyle Beach
finding seashells - Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach sea shells
Shells Myrtle Beach
finding seashells - Myrtle Beach
sea glass at the beaches near Myrtle Beach
Shelling and Beachcombing Tips:

I can't stress this enough ...Begin your search early in the morning before any vehicles or people are around. Also, keep mind that the best time to find shells and shark teeth is art low tide and after a big storm.

Before you start out, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and you're having fun looking for seashells and shark teeth. Check the schedule of high and low tides before you start your beachcombing day. I made this mistake once, and ended up with very cold wet shoes and feet, and my jeans were soaked up to my knees! It was a miserable long wet walk with my teeth chattering all the way! It only takes once to learn this valuable lesson.

New - shelling spots for 2017: The dredging renourishment project takes place every 10 years. IIf you see the machines dropping their load of sand on the beach - any beach - be sure to make a visit. (Think dump diving!) :-) Here are my photos from 2007 (along with some information about the project.) *This link* contains a schedule and more information, and from this page you'll aso be able to view the schedule. Happy shelling!

Myrtle Beach State Park is a good location for shelling, but there is an admission fee if you have not purchased a park pass. Check website or call for admission fee. 843-238-5325. It is not as heavily populated as during the week, although it gets crowded on Sat. and Sun. during tourist season. It's a beautiful State Park. If you need to purchase bair or fishing equipment, there is an additional charge

Huntington Beach State Park (in Murrells Inlet) is another good spot for shell hunting and beach combing. This park is also one of the top birding sites along the East Coast. Check website or call for information. 843-235-8755.

Pawleys Island is often not crowded. Photo HERE.) We have even seen sand dollars, shark teeth and some larger shells. One day we noticed a family of starfish as they moved along the beach. It was amazing to see! To get to Pawleys Island, head south on Rt. 17. After you pass through the town of Pawleys Island, watch for a sign that says Causeway.Turn left on the Causeway which will take you to the island. Take a right off this residential road (or the next residential road)) and start looking for free parking on your right.

6/17/17 A shell hunter from N.C.told me they recently were shell hunting in Pawleys Island and many broken shells, but nothing to take home. It was not a fun experience for them.

Please remember: It is important that you don't pick up any live sea creatures. They have their lives to live too!

Bull Island,inside Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is located 70 miles south of Myrtle Beach. See the Coastal Expeditions Bulls Island Ferry schedule for dates and more information.

Shark Teeth - Everybody wants to find shark teeth. Most of the shark teeth we find are on the small side, but shark teeth come in all sizes.  They are small, shiney, black and shaped like a triangle. Once you find your first shark's tooth, you will know exactle what you're looking for. Here are some YouTube cideos to help you get started:
Help finding sharks teeth (1) Help finding sharks teeth (2) Help Finding Sharks teeth (3) Help finding sharks teeth (4)

Still can't find shark teeth? Visit another beach! I recently received an e-mail from a family member who was concerned that they could not find any shark teeth. We excanged some e-mail, and he told me this: "Well this year we stayed in Kingston Plantation. In 4 days we didn't find one tooth. But this morning we went up to North Myrtle Beach and found tons in just under one hour." So just a heads up."

So there you go, friends! Keep looking elsewhere! n We have plenty of beaches to choose from. !

I have no affiliation with any of the abover locations. The goal of is to help our visitors find what they're looking for. If you have questions or suggestyions, please feel free to Contact Me by e-mail (Patricia Blackstock) or call me at 843-215-7338. You might like to visit our message board forum!

Whose Shell Is This? Before you head from Myrtle Beach, identify the shells you'll find on our area beaches. Here's the Myrtle Beach State Park beachcombing guide. It will help you identify some opf the most common beachcombing treasures!

View our Southeast Atlantic Sea Shells! (click photo to enlarge)

How about some SeaShell jigsaw puzzles as you dream about Myrtle Beach seashells?
Here is one of the kids (and adults) dreaming of beautiful shells on the beach.
Sea Shell puzzle page 1.

Couldn't find the shells you were hopiung to take home? Visit Shell World. It's about 1/4 mi. S. of Pirateland Campground (located on your right, heading South.) I have no affiiation with this business, buy I know they carry a LOT of shells. Also check the popular "beach stores" such as Whales, Wings and Eagles (there's one in the same strip mall. )

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Shells of the Atlantic Coast

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