Find the best sea shells and Sea Gass in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Garden City Beach and the Grand Strand 2021

Note: I love getting your e-mails and helping to get your questions answered. But please, tell me the area a where you're staying (north of south) Surfside, Garden City, etc.) Remember, NORTH Myrtle Beach is a city, not a part of Myrtle Beach. I don't need the name of your condo or hotel, or the last 3 didgits on the back of youtr charge card. I just need a general area because I don't want to send you miles out of tyour way! Thank you! :-)

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Do you want to collect the best sea glass and shark teeth in the Myrtle Beach area? Looking for shells is family fun - and it's free - Just check out our 60+ miles of coastline and start your beachcombing adventure!

If you are serious about finding the best shells and beachcombing...

...and if you are staying at one of the more popular (busy) resorts and hotels, you might want to check out some of our other beaches which may be less crowded. You will find suggestions below about where you'll find to look for your S.C. shells in 2021

Patricia Blackstock. My husband and I have lived in Myrtle Beach since 1998. We love living here, and one of our favorite beach walks includes collecting shells, sea glass and shark teeth. Here are my best recommendations for finding sea glass and shells. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions not addressed on this page..

Start your day as early as you can - before vehicles or people around. It's also the best time to find seachells and shark teeth is at low tide and after a big storm!

Taking home a living sand dollar from Myrtle Beach (or any South Carolina beach) is illegal! If caught, you may have to pay a fine. So, how can you tell if the sand dollar is alive or dead? Find out Here.

2021 Shelling and Beach combing tips

Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen, even on cloudy or rainy days.. Also check the schedule of high and low tides before you start your beachcombing day! I made mistake once and walked back to my car with wet jeans, cold shoes and freezing feet. My jeans were soaked up to my jeans and it was a long and miserable walk back to the State Park with my teeth chattering all the way. It only takes once to learn this valuable lesson!

Myrtle Beach State Park is a good location, but you need to know in advance that there is an admission charge. Check website or call for additional fees. 843-238-5325. It is not as heavily populated during the week, although it does get crowded on the weekends and during tourist season. It's a beautiful State Park. If you need to purchase bait or other fishing equipment, there will be an additional charge. If you are going to search for shells, you really need to get n early start, especially during tourist season.

Huntington Beach State Park (in Murrells Inlet) is another good spot for shelling and beachcombing. This park is also on the the top birding sites along the East Coast. Check the website or call if you have specific questions about this State Park. Admission fee is charged. Call them for updated information at 843-235-8755.

Pawleys Island is not usually overcrowded, and this inreases your chance of finding shells that have not been disturbed (broken or cracked.) We found many shark teeth and larger shells. One day we noticed a family of starfish as they moved along the beach. It was amazing to see! To get to Pawleys Island, head south on Rt. 17. After you pass through the town of Pawleys Island and watch for a sign that says "Causeway" Turn left on the Causeway which will take you to the island. Take a right off this road (or take the next residential road) and start looking for free parking. PARKING LOT (photo and information)

Please remember It is very important that you do not pick up any living sand creatures. They have their lived to live.

Bull Island, inside Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is located about 70 miles south of Myrtle Beach. Google it! See the Coastal Expeditions Bulls Island Ferry schedule for dates and information.

Shark Teeth - Everyone wants to find shark teeth to take home from their Myrtle Beach vacation! Most of the teeth we find are on the small side, but shark teeth come in all sizes. They are shiny, black and shaped like a triangle. Once you find your first shark tooth, you will know exactly what you're looking for. Here are some YouTube videos to help get you started.

Help finding sharks teeth (1) Help finding sharks teeth (2) Help Finding Sharks teeth (3) Help finding sharks teeth (4)

Still can't find shark teeth? Visit another beach! The Grand Strand consists of 60+ miles of beachline. I recently received an e-mail from a family member who was concerned because they could not find any shark teeth.

We exchanged some e-mail, and he told me this: "This year we stayed at Kingston Plantation. In 4 days we didn't find one tooth! But in the morning we drove up to North Myrtle Beach and found tons of shells in just one hour."

View our Southeast Atlantic Sea Shells! (click photo to enlarge)

If you have questions or suggestions about this web page, please feel free to Contact Me by e-mail (Patricia Blackstock) Or call me at 843-215-7338

How about a SeaShell jigsaw puzzles as you dream about Myrtle Beach seashells?
Here is one for kids and adults, dreamoing of their favorite beach! Sea Shell puzzle page 1.

Didn't find the shells you were looking forward to taking home? Visit Shell World. It's about 1/4 mi. S. of Pirate Land Campground. I have no affiliation with this business, but I know they carry a LOT of shells. There is one located in the same strip mall.)

Shark Teeth - Everybody wants to find shark teeth. Most of the shark teeth we find are on the small to medium size, but shark teeth come in all sizes. They are small, black and shiny. Once you find your first hark's tooth, you will know exactly what you are looking for! Here are some YouTube videos to help get started:
Help finding sharks teeth (1) Help finding sharks teeth (2) Help Finding Sharks teeth (3) Help finding sharks teeth (4)

So there you go, friends! Keep looking even if you have to drive a short distance. We have 60+ miles of sandy beaches in the Grand Strand to coose from!

I have no affiliation with any business mentioned on this page. is designed to help our visitors find what they're looking for. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Me by e-mail (Patricia Blackstock) or call me at 843-215-7338. Are you on Facebook? Please find me there and check out my Facebook message board forum!

Whose Shell Is This? Before heading to Myrtle Beach, be sure to check this link to discover what shells you may find on our area beaches. The .pdf is from Myrtle Beach State Park and it will help you identify some of the most common Myrtle Beach shells!

View our Southeast Atlantic Sea Shells! (click photo to enlarge) about Myrtle Beach seashells?
Here is one for the kids (and adults) looking forward to family fun in Myrtle Beach
Sea Shell puzzles.

Couldn't find the shells or local seaglass you were searching for? Check the popular "beach stores" such as Whales, Wing and Eagles (there are 2 in the same strip mall, just a tad south of Ocean Lakes Campground on your right. Some may close off-season.. )

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