Brookgreen Gardens

Ancient moss-covered oaks, plants and trees
By Patricia Blackstock

LEGOS summer 2016 at Brookgreen Gardens!

The ancient moss-covered oaks and colorful flowers are lovely to see anytime of the year. If you have not visited Brookgreen Gardens. Be sure to add this experience to your "to do" list, Here are some og my favorite flowers and trees which I photographed at various times throughout the year/

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By the Old Kitchen Brookgreen Gardens  Showy Crabapple tree Brookgreen Gardens Showy Crabtree Brookgreen Gardens Spring trees Brookgreen Gardens Darwin Hybrid Poppy Brookgreen Gardens
1. Old Kitchen, surrounded by flowers. 2. and 3.CrabApple Tree 4. Trees in the Spring 5. Darwin Hybrid poppy
Darwin Hybrid Poppy Brookgreen Gardens A tapestry of Spring flowers Azaleas in Brookgreen Gardens
Spring, 2013 at Brookgreen Gardens. The gardens are beautiful and they bring out the best of Mother Nature with beautiful pastel colors. 1. 2. and 3 Darwin Hybrid Poppy. 4. Daffodils 5. Azalea
A painterly effect Brookgrreen Garden Azaleas Brookgrreen Garden Azaleas Brookgreen Garden's beautiful flowers
A tapestry of Spring Flowers at Brookgreen Gardens. The pink and white azaleas are in bloom, and it is a treat to be able to photograph the flowers and relax along the way amid beautiful flora views.
Brookgreen Gardens - Foxglove Foxglove Brookgreen Gardens Brookgreen Moss-covered Dogwoods and Azaleas  Brookgreen Gardens Dogwoods and Azaleas in bloom Hbiscus Brookgreen Gardens Back Creek Brookgreen - Pano
1 and 2 .Foxglove. 3 and 4. Pink Azaleas in the spring. Hibiscus in the gardens. 6. River and scenic views  along the trail.
Pink Water Lily Augustus Saint-Gaudens : Diana Flag at Brookgreen Spring Flowers Brookgreen Gardens Where the wild things grow
1. Pond Lily. 2. Fall foliage in pots. 3. View from an archway, Brookgreen. 4. Potted seasonal flowers
Flowering Quince
Giant Moss Covered Oaks, Oak Alle, Brookgreen Gardens Bromeliads Brookgreen Gardens Cactus Griffin
1. Floral view through Brookgreen arch. 2. Ancient moss-covered oaks 3. Bromeliad 4. From the Brookgreen Cactus Garden. 5. Green foliage surrounds a Griffin 6. Chaenomeles speciosa Rosaceae (Flowering Quince)
Ginger Lily Muhly Grass Azalilas Brookgreen Gardens Brookgreen Azalilas
1. Ginger Lily 2. Moss-covered oaks, Muhly Grass 3. 4. and 5. Azalea 6. Wisteria at Brookgreen Gardens
berries and leaves Wisteria Wisteria
1. Grape Fern 2. and 3. Wisteria 4. Grape leaves on an archway in Brookgreen Gardens. A view of Brookgreen Gardens through an archway
Giant Moss Covered Oaks, Oak Alle, Brookgreen Gardens Azalias Brookgreen Gardens Dogwoods and Azaleas Spring in Brookgreen Brookgreen trees Sunset at Brookgreen
1. The Oak Allée features ancient moss-covered oaks 2. Trail of Azaleas 3. Double azalea. 4. Nature views in Brookgreen Gardens 5. Sunset through the ancient oaks.
Giant Moss Covered Oaks, Oak Alle, Brookgreen Gardens Black eyed Susan Brookgreen Black eye Susans Wildlife map
1. Brookgreen Garden's famous moss-covered ancient oaks in Oak Allée 2. Brown-eyed Susans 3. Purple Passion 4. Brown-eyed Susans
5. Foxglove
Tiger Lily Lotus Lotus
1 and 2 . The Day Lily is a very popular flower. 3. and 4. Lotus Blossoms 5. Seaweed sculpture amid Lotus blossoms
Resurcetion Plant on Moss covered oak
1. Resurrection Plant on an old moss-covered oak, located in Oak Allée, Brookgreen Gardens. Rose 3. and 4. Hurricane Lily (Spider Lily) 5. Bromeliad
day lily
Cactus Walter Lily Flower pots Brookgreen Cone flower
1. Taken in the Cactus Garden (near the Pavilion Restaurant) 2. Water Lily at the Diana pond 3. Brookgreen potted flowers. 4. Cone flower. 5. Day Lily at Brookgreen Gardens
Popies Princess Lace Hydrangea Canna Lily Cactus
1. Yours Truly shooting poppies. 2. Caladium 3. Coccineus Scarlet Hibiscus 4. Princess Lace Hydrangea 5. Calla Lily 5. Bromeliad
Cactus Bell Flowers Bell Flowers Lantana Brookgreen Gardens
1. Bromeliad from the Cactus area near the Pavilion Restaurant in Brookgreen Gardens, and 3. Trumpet flowers 4. Lantana 5. Water Lily with reflection at the Diana Pod, Brookgreen Gardens 6 The "Jolie Monde" lily
Nature's Basket Tiger Lily Nature's Basket Tiger Lily  trumpet flowers
1.Catesby's lily 2. Platter Magnolia 3. Water Lily 5. Lilium Columbianum Riger Lily. 6. Coral Honeysicle
Fuji Waterfall Pink Hibuscus Btmomelaid
1 and 2 Beautiful flowers at Brookgreen Gardens. 3. Caladium 4. Fiji Waterfall 5. Albo Lacinatus (hibiscus hybrid.) 6. Bromelaid
Atamasco wildflower Large Red Berries red berries at Brookgreen Gardens Brookgreen Gardens - Magnolia bbud Hydrangea at Brookgreen Gardenss Bottle Brush
4. Atamasco wildflower 2 Deciduous Red Berries 3 Me 4. Planter mangnolia bud 5. Royal Purple Hydrangea 6 Bottle Brush
Moss-covered oaks
 Moss-covered oaks surround the old kitchen and bell Red Poppy, Spring, 2012 Purple Beauty Berries Gaillardia
1. Moss-covered oaks 2 . Poppy 3. Purple beauty berries 4. Gaillardia in a "globe." 5. A globe of flowers at Brookgreen Gardens
Cactus Crepe Myrtle in Brookgreen Gardens Crep Myrtle in Brookgreen Gardens Old moss-covered oaks Brookgreen Gardrens
1. Cactus near the Pavilion Restaurant 2. and 3. Crep Myrtle in November. Old moss-covered oaks at the Diana Pool 5. Sun shining through a large tree.
Dogwood Spring 2013
Lily Pink Water Lily The path along the Garden Wall Stag Horn hanging basket
Spring 2013 1. Dogwood, 2. Day Lily 3. Water Lily. 4. Path along the garden wall. 5. Stag Leaf Hanging Plant. 6. A blanket of Leucojum aestivum (common name: snowflake)
Water Lily iris Lady Slipper Crepe Myrtle
1. Amaranth 2. and 3. Pond Lilies 4 Iris 5. Lady Silipper (poor man's orchid) 6. Crepe Myrtle - Brookgreen Gardens in the spring
floral scene  Loebner Magnolia in flower Loebner Magnolia Tree Jonquils Jonquils
1. Spring 2013: Flowers growing against a garden wall. 2. and 3. LoebnerMagnolia bloom (The Loebner Magnolia can grow to 25 feet, while the Magnolia Anne is much smaller and it will grow to 10 feet tall! 4. 5. 6. Jonquils amd other spring flowers blooming in Brookgreen Gardens.
Pink Wisteria Brookgreen Gardens Red Poppy Field of poppies at Brookgreen Gardens Iris at Brookgreen Gardens Pink Water Lily
pink camilla Beautiful array of spring flowers at Brookgrreen Gardens Flowers around the Diana Pond Red Camiella Brookgreen Gardens Pretty little purple flower
1. Pink Camiellia 2.poppies and foxglove 3. Spring floweres, thriving by the fountain.. 4. Red Camellia 5. Columbine
Plattr Magnolia Brookgreen Gardens Hibiscue Brookgreen Garden Brookgreen Gardens - flowers Brookgreen Gardens - flowers Brookgreen Gardens - flowers
1. Platter Magnolia 2. and 3. Hibiscus 4. and 5. Lilium Star Gazers
Hydrangea. Marophylla Brookgreen Gardens Brookgreen Gardens - flowers Hanging Plant Brookgreen Gardens Pond Lilies Brookgreen Gardens Giany Moss Covered Oak
1. Hydrangea Marophylla
 Princess Lace Hydrangea Brookgreen Gardens Daisy at Bookgreen Gardens Brookgreen Gardens - Iris
1. This large tree was covered with red berries. 2. Princess Hydrangea. 3. Lady of the Night 4. Daisy 5. Iris (Dwarf Iris?)
Star Magnolia Star Magnolia Tree Camellia Japonica Old oaks/pathway in Brookgreen Gardens
We had a lot of ice and lost some trees on 2/16/14 due to high winds. I wanted to see how badly Brookgreen was affected. They had some areas closed due to cleanup from fallen trees/limbs, amd they were still working on removing debris, but the old oaks have withstood worse weather, and I didn't see much damage. I went back to Brookgreen on 2/18/14 and took these photos:
1. Star Magnolia 2. Star Magnoliatree blooms in te winter. 3. Jonquil 4. Camellia Japonica 5. Old oak, apparently undamaged by the ice storm
Red Bud Tree in Bloom Magnolia Anne
Hyacinth and Daffodils The Resurrection plant lives on the limb of the large oak Magnolia Anne
The photos above we taken 3/21/2014. 1. Red Bud tree in bloom 2. Magnolia Anne 3. Hyacinth and Daffodils 4. The Resurrection plant living on the limb of the large oak. A Red Bud tree is in the middle of this photo. 4. Magnolia Anne, a small tree in bloom

The photos below were taken on 4/12 and 4/13.

Tulip  Hyacinthoides-hispanica, aka Spanish Bluebell
1. Leucojum aestivum ( proper name for summer snowflake) Thank you, Nancy, for this ID 2. Spring flowers in Brookgreen Gardens. 3. Tulip 4. Spring flowers surrounding the ancient moss-covered oaks. 5. Hyacinthoides-hispanica, aka Spanish Bluebell
Papaver Croceum (Iceland Poppy) Rhododendron hybrid Southern India Azalea Tulips
1. Papaver Croceum (Iceland Poppy) 2. Rhododendron hybrid Southern India Azalea 3. Please send me an email if you know the name of this flower 4. and 5. Tulips
Lots of yellow tulips
Above: 1. Tapestry of Tulips. 2. Poppies 3. Azalea 4. Spring at the Pond 5. Azalea
Delphinium Brookgreen Gardens Snapdragons and Foxglove Beautiful flowers at Brookgreen Day Lily Diana pool surrounded by poppies
May, 2014 1. Delphinium 2. Samson and Lion surreounded by snapdragons and foxglove. 3. Beautiful flowers near Diana of the Chase 4. Day Lily 5. Pond surrounded by many beautiiful poppies.
Cone Flowers Topiary pony Red Poppies White Poppies Red Lion Amaryllis
May, 2014 1. Cone Flowers 2. Topiary pony grazing in the Palmetto Garden 3. and 4. Poppies 5.Red Lion Amaryllis
Brookgreen Gardens spring flowers Brookgreen Gardens Dogwood Brookgrreen Gardens Daffodils Brookgreen Cabbage and Kale Azalea
Spring, 2016: 1.Variety of Spring flowers at Brookgreen Gardens 2. Dogwood tree 3. Daffodils 4. Kale and Cabbage 5. Azalea throughout the Garden
daffodil ancient oak tree varnado pink tulips Brookgreen Gardens
1. Yellow Jasmine (our SC State Flower) 2. daffodils (Nirclssus spp.) 3. Ancient moss-covered oaks 4. Varnado' Pink Rhododendron 5. Tulips
summer snowflakes Igiri root tree name hosta
1. Summer Snowflakes 2. and 3. lgiri tree - Salicaceae 4. Hosta
Wally and patrich June, 2013 I'm missing some flower identifications. If you can put a name to them, please let me know. And if you see any that you think are incorrect, I would appreciate knowing that too! Thanks so much!

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