Helen, Me, Judy - my birthday
Surfside Beach, SC Beach Houses
Beach Chairs
PF Chang for dinner
Eagle kite on the beach
geriniums - our house
Janice's 50th Surprise Party
Janice's 50th Surprise Party
Janice's 50th Surprise Party
Litchfield Beach, SC
panorama Market Common
Peace on the beach
pink toger lilies
white rose
Helen and Judy at Sr. Frogs
sunset at Market Common 2
sunset at Market Common
Swing at Market Common
Sales Office Withers Preserve
Myrtle Beach May and June, 2009
Beach tents and kite at MB State Park - Litchfield Beach - Some beach homes in Surfside - Wally's office, Withers Preserve
My best friends from Roanoke, Helen and Judy, drove to Myrtle Beach to help me celebrate my birthday. A geranium at our house, and a panorama of The Market Common.
Janice Ash Sialiano is 50 - and beautiful! The surprise party might have aged her a little, but it doesn't show!
Market Common. Swing and a beautiful sunset. Hibiscus and a Pirate ship !
  1. That's me holding Kylie, and in the next picture I'm with Katie and Dawn during a beautiful songfest by Beach Church held at the Market Common. 3, A drawing in the sand telling us that peace and love will make us smile, 4. a pink tiger lily 5. a panorama of Springmail Pier, June 5
Springmaid Pier
More Myrtle
Beach Photos
Springmaid Pier - Lifeguard, the beach, Banana Boat ride, Beach Rentals black & white
Sea Doo Sun Fun 2009
Boats for rent . Click the Sea Doo competition (this photo links to Sun Fun 2009.) Sunset. Bikes at the beach, Yellow beach umbrella.
surfside beach sun fun
Surfside Sun Fun
Trumpet Flower
Mike Munden , other local artists and music at the Global Awareness Art Walk at The Market Common. Trumpet flower in our back yard.
Lots of food at Surfside Beach for Sun Fun. Defunct Capt. Cain Mini Golf Course , MB State Park