Colleen and Mom at the Flying Circus
Doug Keller
59 Ford
old car at the Air Show
Bi-plane - Flying Circus
Another bi-plane
The Red Baron at the Amazing Flying Circus
Snoopy and the Red Baron at the Amazing Flying Circus
Elvis and the MC at The Flying Circus
Bi-plane making circles
The out house gets blown up
Stunt pilots
Elvis leaving the airfield
Elvis at the Flying Circus
Red Baron at the Air Show
Skydiving bi-plane
planr ready for take-off
biplane ready for "combat"
The Flying Circus! Vintage Biplanes and Old Cars!

Shots from The Flying Circus Air Show in Bealton, Va - September, 2008
All-American Barnstorming Airshow andthe greatest Car and Motorcycle owners around!
Thanks to my daughter, the Amazing Coleen Brackett, and her husband Doug Keller for treating me to The Flying Circus and Vintage Biplanes, not far from their home in Northern Virginia.

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