Boone Hall Plantation
Mt. Pleasant, S.C. (near Charleston)

By Patricia Blackstock (contact me)

Boone Halll Plantation photos
Boone Hall Plantation review
Boone Hall Plantation review
Boone Hall Plantation
I am Patricia Blackstock, owner and webmaster of funbeaches.com My husband Wally Snider and I have been living in Myrtle Beach since 1998. On Mother's Day, Wally likes to surprise me with something we have not done before. This year's surprise was a visit to Boone Hall Plantationand Gardens (in Mt. Pleasant, near Charleston.) And what a delightful surprise it was! ( I have no connection with Boone Plantation or any business related to it.)

Once you arrie and park tour car at Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens, you need to first sign up for the various activities at the Hospitality Center, an old home, tucked between moss-covered trees featuring a lovely bed of flowers in the front yard.

Boone Hall is one of America's oldest plantations. It was founded in 1681 when Englishman Major John Boone came to Charleston and established a lucrative plantation and home on the banks of the Wampacheone Creek. The family and descendants of Major Boone were influential in the history of the colonies in the Union.

The U-Pick area is open in season. The agriculturalarm of the plantation is known as Boone Hall Farms.

At Boone Hall Plantation all activities are included with your admission fee, and it iswell worth the price. There is enough happening at Boone Hall Plantation to keep you interested and entertained all day all day long.

The Boone Hall Plantation home is an antibellum-style mansion, built in 1936 and listed on the National Resgistry of historic places. The tour included the first level and lasted about 30 minutes. No photos are allowed inside tthe Plantation home.

Slave Street. Each former slave cabin contains a recorded and informative video/TV tour as well as many other photos and props explaining black history throughout the years when slaves served at the plantation.

Gullah Culture: This is a live presentation explaining the development of the Gullah culture in the Charleston area.. This live stage-like was, in my opinion, one of the best features that Boone Plantation offers. The presentation is staged twice a day! Don't miss it.
See video of Gullah Culture in South Carolina, linked below.

Plantation Coach Tour (You can see the coach in my photo album.) This open-air tour was a lot of fun! We enjoyed listening to the well-informed guide as he took us on a long tour through the entire plantation. We saw pecan groves, strawberries, lots of vdeggies, groves of peach trees, and so much more.

Plantation Gardens The garden is located in front of the plantation house, in the formation of 2 butterfly winds. It boasts of 22 beds of plants and flowers.

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Gullah Culture YouTube video Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation: official web site
Boone Hall Farms : The farming legacy spans 3 centuries!!

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Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens
Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens
Boone Halll Plantation photos
Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens