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FunBeaches thanks CondoLux Myrtle Beach for this endorsement ! "A Myrtle Beach LOCAL GUIDE one of the largest and most thorough directories to EVERYTHING Myrtle Beach that we could find. Wikipedia can't hold a flame to this site. The site owner actively updates it with new information as well. You can get lost in here, finding different websites that you didn't know existed. It contains information about state parks to live entertainment. There is even an article on how to find the best seashells. Don't forget to check the Message Board."


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Pavilion - Last Dance 2006 |Our vacations (photos and reviews) Southern States Roads Less Traveled | The People of Myrtle Beach| Vintage Post Cards and photos | Carousel Horses, 2003 and Herschell-Spillman Carousel | Hurricane Charlie 2004 | Sun Fun 2004| Pavilion Final Season |Pedro's South of the Border | World's Tallest Sandcastle June, 2006 |Beach Renourishment 2007 | Globes (orbs) from the old Pavilion| Telephone booths (How long will they be around?)

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I'm Patricia Blackstock and my husband is Wally Snider. We have been living in Myrtle Beach for 20 years and after all this time, we still love everything about our beach! Through this Myrtle Beach planning guide, I hope you will find everything you need for your 2019 best Myrtle Beach vacation ever! (Please contact me with your questions.)

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From G. Oswald in Toledo, Ohio: January, 1, 2019- I found your website recently when we were planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach. We've been looking for something more than we were finding in the popular Myrtle Beach searches. Your information was great! There IS LIFE outside the Myrtle Beach city limits and uou know where to go and how to get there. Thanks to your message board, and other placed on your site, we are planning a GREAT ADVENTURE in 2019: North Myrtle Beach, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island! Maybe even a trip to the islands around Charleston! Happy New Year to you and yours!

From Jennifer S. in Ohio (12/6/17) You really have the best Myrtle Beach guide in Myrtle Beach. Thank you for all you do. We also love your Facebook photos which helps keep us connected with our favorite beach.

From M.D.O.  in Burlington, NC 11/19/15 "Dear Patricia, I'm the guy who called you last week from our hotel room. We were just laying around wondering what we should do. On a whim I called your website. You asked about the family, the youngeter's ages and what they enjoyed.You were so friendly nd helpful just had to write you! We could tell you know everything about Myrtle and took your time to be sure the suggestions were something we would really enjoy doing. We took our boys to mini golf and that UpsidDown building.The women loved Barefoot and Baordwalk. But what stands out most is driving south to Murrells Inlet to Pawley's Island. It was amazing! We had researched Myrtle Beach, but we didn't know these little towns existed. Delightful!! Thank you!

From  4/14/16 Sally M. in Trenton, NJ : Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions and for your suggestions about things to do in Myrtle Beach. It was like having a friend in a city we wanted to visit and vacation.

From  12/10/16 LynnLee in Baltimore, MD : Thank you for returning my call. As I mentioned, we have a special needs child and wanted information on family things to do. I would never have known about Savannah's Park if you had not told me. What a wonderful addition to NMyrtle Beach! I wish you could have seen her smile and giggle! It would just break your heart. We also loved your tips on looking for seachells. We did as you suggested, and went to one of these "beach" stores (Eagle, I think) and bought a bag of shells that we scattered around the motel. The "Shell hunt" was successful (even the real shells my husband and I found along the shoreline Our vacation was a delight, thanks to you! I never knew you could pick up your phone and call a local. We will be back! God bless you!

Got questions? Give me a call at 843-215-7338 or send me an e-mail
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